How to Stay Focused While Working in Our OKC Business Center

How to Stay Focused While Working in Our OKC Business Center

Our apartments in Oklahoma City with business center amenities onsite are a great place to live for those of you who work from home or need to take care of work-related tasks after you've left the office for the day. If you find yourself getting distracted or not being as productive as you'd like when you are working in the business center, here are a few … [Read more...]

Go Green by Paying Rent Online in Your OKC Apartment


You have already found several ways to go green at your Oklahoma City apartment, whether you're doing it by recycling as much as you can or turning your thermostat down a few notches. Not only does being environmentally-friendly help reduce your carbon footprint and conserve natural resources, but it can also help you save money by being more … [Read more...]

Sign Up for the Oklahoma Heritage Land Run in OKC

Sign Up for the Oklahoma Heritage Land Run in OKC

No matter what time of year it is, it seems there is always some kind of race or 5K in Oklahoma City that you can get involved with. If you're looking for a unique 5K experience, consider signing up for the Oklahoma Heritage Land Run in Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma Heritage Land Run held right here in Oklahoma City is an amazing event that is unique in … [Read more...]

Tips to Decorate Your Balcony in Oklahoma City


Living in our apartments in Oklahoma City with balconies offers some stylish decorative options. There are many ways to decorate your balcony that can add exotic touches to your place. Here are some tips for making the most of your balcony that can serve as a major makeover for the exterior area of your apartment. Add color to give your patio … [Read more...]

How to Stop Your Dog From Pulling During Walks in Oklahoma City

Dog Pulling on Leash

Owning a dog can be a wonderful experience. Having a furry little friend around to brighten our days and keep us company when we're feeling alone is a true blessing. Still, dogs come with challenges. If you're looking for ways to stop your dog from pulling during walks, then here are a few things to keep in mind. It can be frustrating when a dog … [Read more...]

Plan a Romantic Dinner at the Coach House in Oklahoma City

The Couch House

Whether you are planning for an evening of romance or just want to share a very special meal with someone who is important to you, you will not go wrong at the Coach House. This elegant establishment has been pleasing its patrons since 1985, earning a sterling reputation along the way. Be sure to reserve a table early for your special evening. You can … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Update Your Oklahoma City Bathroom

Simple Ways to Update Your Oklahoma City Bathroom

If you are looking for a few apartment decorating tips to help you update the bathroom in your Oklahoma City apartment, these tips will give you some awesome ideas for turning your bathroom into a welcoming and appealing room. Add storage to your bathroom with shower caddies and shelving units. You can jazz up your shower a bit with a chrome tension … [Read more...]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Early at Chocolate Decadence Auction in OKC

Celebrate Valentine's Day Early at Chocolate Decadence Auction in OKC

If you are looking for unique ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your sweetheart, you shouldn't miss one of the most delicious events in Oklahoma City this year. The Chocolate Decadence gala and auction provides a great way to spend some quality time with your Valentine celebrating the holiday early. For those of you who have yet to find your … [Read more...]

Two Resolutions in One: Greener Ways to Workout in OKC

Two Resolutions in One Greener Ways to Workout in OKC

It's time for us to start making our list of resolutions for the New Year. If two of your New Year's resolutions are to focus on fitness and live a greener lifestyle, you can actually achieve both of those resolutions at one time when you apply green workout tips to your fitness routine at our Oklahoma City apartments with fitness center facilities onsite … [Read more...]

Check Out Two Great Boat Shows in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Boat Show

If you are wanting to do something that is different and unique then you should check out the boat shows in Oklahoma City. It is a fantastic way to create memories doing something that is different from the norm. Get ready for two great boat shows coming to Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma Boat Show is held on Jan. 23 to Jan. 25. The cost of … [Read more...]

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VIDEO: See Our Tulsa Apartments Up Close


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Our Residents Love Living Near the University of Tulsa

Tulsa University

An education is the key to a brighter future, and at Case & Associates, our Tulsa apartments for rent near the University of Tulsa are a fantastic place for you to work and study as you pursue your dreams. The University is the heart of Tulsa. It's where everyone from recent high school graduates to non-traditional students are gathering to pursue … [Read more...]

We Encourage Residents to Visit the Shops at Utica Square

Source: iStock/Halfpoint

Case & Associates has a number of apartments for rent in Tulsa near Utica Square. This ideal location places our residents just moments from some of the best shopping in town. Throughout the mall, you'll find great deals and fabulous new styles and fashions being displayed every day of the year. Some of the most popular stores you will want to take … [Read more...]

Grab a Drink at the Nearby Marshall Brewing Company


In Tulsa you'll never have to travel far to find a place to grab a drink, but a brewery is where you'll want to be to find unique brews of beer you can't find anywhere else. One brewery near some of our Case & Associates properties that's open to the public is Marshall Brewing Company.  As of now, they have five year-round beers. The Sundown … [Read more...]

1 or 2 Bedroom: Which Tulsa Floor Plan is Right for Me?

woman in apartment

Deciding between 1 and 2 bedroom apartment floor plans in Tulsa can be a big decision. On one hand, the extra bedroom is nice to have and can be turned into an office or used for out of town guests. On the other, two bedrooms cost more than one which means a little added expense each month. Determining which is right for you requires considering your … [Read more...]

Our Cedar Glade Apartments are Near Tulsa’s East Pointe Center

Case & Associates Properties

It's not everyday that a new community opens up and we're thrilled to say that our apartments for rent in Tulsa near East Pointe Shopping Center are ready for residents. As always, our Case & Associates communities are designed to make our resident's feel comfortable and relaxed. To that end, each apartment features high-quality appliances, … [Read more...]